Follow Your Art by Reka 

Rebekah Molander 

Who Am I?

Rebekah Molander is an emerging Houston Contemporary Artist. As far back as she can remember, all she ever wanted to do was create. When she was little she just wanted to make beautiful things that made people smile. As she got older, she found she often had a lot she wanted to say, but had a hard time putting it into words. The more she experienced in life, the more the need to express herself and let it out increased.

At 36, during a world wide pandemic, Rebekah decided to finally step into the art world. She took the long road here, despite the fact that she kept seeing it, the road to the art world, it had been in front of her when she got accepted to art school when she was 18. It was right there, all she had to do was go right at the fork, but as much as she always wanted to, she just kept going left.

Left was a good road for her though, it lead to some the greatest moments in her life, her child, meeting her husband, their life together, and for a few years she got so consumed with that path, she got lost, she let go of her dream and completely lost sight of her way to the other road.

But who we are has a way of always shining through, and the need to express herself never went away for Rebekah. At 35 she found herself in a different place in life than she had ever been, and she picked up a paint brush and rediscovered her passion. Drawing on the menu boards at work was not going to cut it for her any more. She had to many things to say, to many thoughts that had been push aside for to long, and once she started drawing a line around them, she couldn’t stop.

So here she was, after 17 years, she finally found her way back to the other road. Sometimes it’s not that things aren’t meant for you, it’s just that it isn’t the right time.

Painting again breathed new life into Rebekah. Her art is bright, and exciting, and sometimes intense. She is constantly trying new styles and techniques. She pours her heart into every piece she creates and says her favorite thing is she knows why she creates each piece what it is she was feeling, what thought of hers she was drawing that line around, but what she loves is that every person that sees it, relates to it for their own reason. It makes them smile, it touches their heart, it moves them, sometimes for a completely different reason, and that’s amazing.

“For me” Rebekah said “it’s about pouring your heart into something, creating something, and over hours and days, sometimes weeks it all comes together and then someone sees it and it stops them. For whatever reason they feel connected to it, it just fits them like a piece they were missing, and that’s it, in that moment your heart and their heart just completely connected. And that is an amazing thing.”