Follow Your Art by Reka 

Rebekah Molander 

                   Who Am I?

I am a Contemporary Houston Artist. As far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was create. When I was little I just wanted to make beautiful things to make people smile. As I got older and experienced more in life, I found I had a lot I actually wanted to say, but had a hard time putting it into words… but Where Words Fail, Art Speaks.

My Art is Bright, and Exciting, and sometimes Intense, and I am constantly trying new styles and techniques. Constantly trying to learn new things and continue growing.

For me, it’s about pouring your heart into something, creating something, and over hours and days, sometimes weeks, it all comes together, and then someone sees it and it stops them. For whatever reason they feel connected to it, it just fits them like a piece they were missing, and that’s it, in that moment your heart and their heart just completely connected. And that’s an amazing thing.

My art is just a collection of all of my thoughts, my dreams, my feelings, and my stories I could never figure out how to say, so I put them on a canvas and draw a line around them. 

Rebekah Molander is an Emerging Houston Contemporary Artist. Her journey to becoming a full-time artist began as a child, she feel in love with creating, but sometimes on our journey through life we get side tracked and loose sight of our dreams. After 17 years she has rediscovered her passion and wasted no time catching up.

After painting from her home studio for a year, Rebekah’s big step into the art world began in 2020 with an email to her favorite radio show host Rod Ryan asking him to tell people to Art Local. Not only was she featured that week on his show, but he forward her email to his good friend Taft McWhorter, and things haven’t stoped moving since.

Rebekah is currently part of “The Seekers” Houston Artist Collective. Her art and story have been featured in the local paper “The Leader” and VoyageHouston (articles linked). In July of 2021 she had her first Solo Exhibit hosted by the Houston Ferrari Club and in October of 2021 she was part of Susan G. Komen's Paint the District Pink Charity Art Action Event.